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digital illustration & design

Anna Arkhipova (Frogwild)
she/they | USA (PST)
Ho there! I'm Anna, an interactive designer and digital illustrator.
If you're here for either of those things, check out my portfolios below. I also do character and map commissions, which open when I have slots.
If you're just here to know what I'm about - Hi! I draw and write original fiction and worldbuild extensively for it, and I've made a couple small games you can find on my Talk to me anytime about tabletop RPGs, narrative in games, or interactive novels!I'm also known to catalogue soundtracks for fun, drink a lot of tea, and collect humorous pictures of skeletons. My love for frogs, jesters, and other funny little guys is unrivaled.

Commissions (CLOSED)

(NEW) Fictional Maps!

A hand-drawn map of a fictional continent, region, or city.
I can work with you to design its layout or follow an existing one.

$200 USD (varies)Variable

Silly Little Guys!

A cute drawing with simplified proportions, pixelly lines, and limited colors.
Can come with a simple animation!

StaticAnimatedAPPROX ETA
Starts at $15Starts at $601 week (2 if animated)

Minimal Icon / Expression Sheet

A stylized square icon done entirely in black and white.
Can come with a series of expressions!

Starts AtExtra ExpressionsAPPROX ETA
$20 USD+$10 each1 week

Full Color Icon

A fully rendered icon with bold colors and stark shading.
Can come with expression or outfit alts. Works great for Roll20 icons!

Starts AtExtra AltsAPPROX ETA
$50-80 USD+$10-20 each3 weeks

Character Ref Sheet

An illustration featuring characters drawn with lines, flat colors, and
minimal spot black shading. Can include expressions and annotations.

$100 USD6 weeks


A full illustration, featuring bold colors and detailed rendering.
Backgrounds can range from simple patterns to a full scene.

$200 USD (varies)Variable

Rates listed above are starting points for an illustration of one character.
Additional pricing for props, background, and complexity, will be determined per commission.
Please Provide: Visual reference of what you want drawn. The more the merrier - even rough sketches help a ton! I will accept text descriptions, but if that's the only ref you have, please be ready to afford me some artistic liberties. (See more details in the order form)Payment: Via PayPal invoice.
All prices above are in USD.
Will Not Draw
Heavy gore, NSFW, NFTs
Any nasty stuff. Use your head and be decent.

Ready to Order?

Or email me at [email protected]
If you're looking for a book cover, find me on Reedsy.
Ask me about VN portrait sprites, game assets, or whatever else you need!